About Ashtead Pet Boarding and Guinea Pig Rescue

The Ark - fully insulated, heated and air conditioned cabin for indoor pets

Our Facilities

Grazing facilities for rabbits and guineas!

We offer a range of different options for your pet(s). For rabbits and guinea pigs, we provide a wide variety of indoor and outdoor hutches. These are allocated according to numbers, size, activity levels etc. We are flexible and will make adjustments during your pet’s stay if required. Due to increasing demand, some of our indoor hutches have been adapted so that they can be used as tortoise pens with all wood surrounds and heat lamps. Our outdoor enclosures/runs are made with sturdy wooden frames and fox-proof mesh. They also have covers to protect from rain or sun. When the weather is suitable all rabbits and guinea pigs will take a turn on the grass. In poor weather, we make use of the Bunny Mansion and can erect indoor runs for the guineas to have a play in the other areas.


We use top-quality kiln dried, dust extracted woodshavings as standard bedding material with farm-cut or loose-packed meadow hay for guinea pigs and chopped straw and/or soft barley straw for rabbits. Litter trays also use woodchips or cat litter. We source our hay as far as possible from local farms/pet shops and use various timothy hays and feeding hays. Dried grass and forage are used in winter when fresh grass is not available. We feed our sanctuary and rescue guinea pigs with grain-free nuggets but also normally have Burgess Excel, P@H nuggets and Science Selective food pellets in stock but also stock Gerty Guinea Pig. Pets who are accustomed to other dry food should bring their own supply. All pets will be offered a range of fresh food on a daily basis and this is kept in a dedicated fridge!

Tortoise in new tortoise enclosure 2018

Small caged animals like hamsters and gerbils are kept in their own cages in the Ark which is heated in Winter and has Air Con in the Summer. Outdoor tortoises live in one of the outdoor enclosures in the garden but need their own nest box.

The aim of APB is to provide quality holiday care for small animals, etc – giving peace of mind to individuals or families who are going away. We enjoy meeting you and your pets and, of course, sharing the enjoyment of loving and caring for these wonderful creatures!


Our small, non-judgemental rescue has become a large part of what we do and the boarding business helps to fund the ongoing costs of the rescue. We are ably supported by Kriek and Gibson Vets in Banstead.

About Us

Carolyn has shared most of her life with animals of all different shapes and sizes – ranging from horses & ponies to tropical fish & pet mice!  She has a real passion for all animals but is particularly fond of guinea pigs. Carolyn trained with horses up to Intermediate level and holds a Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Diploma. We have two resident dogs who have been rehomed here and are now part of the family.

There is a small team of wonderful volunteers who help with all sorts of tasks, especially during busy times and are an amazing support. Volunteers must be 16 years or over unless they are enrolled in a recognized scheme such as the Duke Of Edinburgh Award.

We have a resident sanctuary herd of assorted guinea pigs who we have adopted over the years including a “retirement wing” of elderly piggies. Through our rehoming work – mostly with guinea pigs we regularly have an assortment of animals waiting for adoption – these can be found on our Ashtead Guinea Pig Rescue page. We pride ourselves on our matchmaking ability with lonely guinea pigs!

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