Adoption Process & Application Forms

Adopting Guinea Pig(s) If you are looking to adopt a guinea pig(s) from us please download the Adoption Form below, fill it in and email it to  (If you have problems with the form please email me directly.) Once a family has returned the form and the requested photos etc and been home checked we will add them to the waiting list. Please read through our adoption requirements before submitting your application. We arrange visits by appointment only!

Fees The minimum donation to adopt from us is £30 per guinea pig. If you are adopting a boar who has been neutered by us we would ask you to consider contributing to that cost. Currently, boar castration is £95 (April 2023) Donations can be made directly into the Rescue account Carolyn A Tear, 404787 and 21561405), via the donate button, or in cash.

Bonding We offer a bonding/matchmaking service. If you are looking for a partner for your guinea or making up numbers for a small herd, then we will start the initial bonding here. We ask for a £20 donation per guinea for the first day and night if required during the bonding process. £10 for every additional night required. Initial bonding most usually takes at least a couple of days to gel. Full bonding can then be completed at home.

Adoption Day! We will invite you to come and meet the guinea(s) that you are interested in. If all goes well it may be possible for you to take them home on the same day. Please provide a sturdy carrier with an absorbent liner (puppy mat/fleece/towel) and some bedding or fleecy hideys for the journey home. Payment is due on collection.

Post-Adoption Follow-Up We love to hear how you are getting along and how the guineas are settling in! We are also available to answer questions and help with any queries you may have about the care and nurture of these wonderful furry house hippos!

We offer a lifetime return policy so in the event your situation changes the animal you adopted from us can be returned for any reason.