Check Boarding Availability

August 2020 – great news if you are looking to book a last-minute holiday! We currently have boarding space available due to families having to make alternative arrangements with the Covid-19 situation – please contact me if you are interested – first-class holiday homes available!

The boarding business uses an online booking and administration system to give you, the customer the chance to enquire whether a space is available for your pet(s). Please note – we only provide boarding for rabbits (who must be neutered and fully vaccinated – please see our T&Cs), guinea-pigs, hamsters, gerbils, tortoises and hedgehogs. (Not dogs or cats).

Please click on the secure link below and fill in the details as requested.

The system will let you know if a potential space is available and send the request to Ashtead Pet Boarding. We attempt to provide the most appropriate accommodation for every individual pet. This means that sometimes a space will appear to be available but actually is not appropriate for your pet(s). Or, it may be that even if there appears to be no space, that there is flexibility so we would encourage you to contact us to make sure!

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