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We are a not-for-profit DONATION FUNDED Rescue


At Ashtead Guinea Pig Rescue we are passionate about the health and well-being of all animals and undertake to help those who, for whatever reason, need to be found a new home. We are happy to assist families with rehoming all sorts of small pets but only accept guinea pigs on-site. Please be absolutely sure you are ready to surrender your pets when you contact us. We put a lot of time and effort into making them comfortable and finding the perfect new home for them – we don’t want to be wasting time that can be used to assist other animals. We ask for a minimum donation of £20 per guinea pig that is surrendered to us. Our “sanctuary” or “retirement home” is available for lonely, elderly guinea pigs when a hutch becomes free – all we ask is that they are supplied with monthly pocket money while they are staying with us. All our veterinary support is provided by Kriek and Gibson Vets in Banstead.

Please note we are an independent, home-based, donation-funded Rescue. We are not supported by any other local Rescue but we do work closely with other like-minded Rescues in the area.

We rely on donations to support our work in the Rescue and are so grateful for any goodies from our Amazon wish list or financial contributions 🙂 Please be aware that we do not receive any donations via any other person or any other Rescue. Don’t be scammed! If in doubt contact me directly!

Our minimum adoption fee is £30 per animal – this goes towards the care & medical costs we incur during our rehoming work. Rehoming work is not easy as anybody who has volunteered at a Rescue/Shelter will tell you – we do it for love not money. All of the costs are met from donations or from my own pocket. Any animal who is sold or rehomed by us will always have a forever home here if things don’t work out at their new place.

Rescue News!

🐹 The Wild Boys!🐹

So here with their very own post are the four boars, Rascal, Bandit, Rebel & Jinx who were discovered dumped in a tiny card box next to a busy road in Reigate. Unsurprisingly, they had been fighting and were very hungry, thirsty and scared on arrival. Some of their injuries were older than a few days so it looks like they have been fighting in their previous home either with each other or with other guinea pigs 😟 My question is WHY? Why have well fed guineas obviously being kept in crowded conditions where they are fighting? Why dump them? Why not ask a Rescue for help or at the very least leave them at a local Vets? I will never understand some people 😡

So this is day 3 or the Wild Boys being with me. Jinx is showing signs of being interested in people and is slightly easier to handle. Rascal who is his room mate at the moment is getting very gradually braver but crazy to handle. Rebel & Bandit are currently together and are still petrified. Handling them (except in an emergency) is not an option until they have decompressed some more! They will probably all have to be separated from each other to avoid fighting.

Now to the crunch. The Rescue has just paid out a little under £700 for Boris and Dora’s recent Vet visits and procedures. To have these Wild Boys neutered so they can go on and live happy lives with a girlfriend or two each, will cost £100 per guinea and I simply haven’t the funds to cover that amount 😟 Please could you help fund their castration? The best option is to PayPal me (sadly the Paypal donate button isn’t working). I would very much appreciate your assistance. Let’s give these boys a chance at a happy life from now on!

*** Wild Boys *** – 19/6/24

Update on the four boars dumped in a cardboard box by a busy road. The two older boys are Rascal (albino fluffy!) and Mr Jinx. Jinx has gone into foster care with one of my amazing foster carers & volunteers. He has settled quickly into the routine and loves cuddles. His bite scars are healing nicely. Rascal has become much braver now he isn’t competing with other boars and has a very loud, demanding wheek everytime he hears the kitchen door open 🤣 His fighting wounds are still evident especially across his rump but none appear serious 🤞

Bandit & Rebel are sharing a large hutch and are still very wild but they are beginning to poke their noses out when fresh food is on offer which is a positive sign. I have a strong feeling that as they become braver so their tolerance of each other will become less! They are showing signs of irritation already but thankfully no new wounds. Their old fighting scars are healing and I’m keeping a close eye on them. At the moment I’m not forcing the handling situation as they are taking their time to settle.

Thank you everyone for your support. You have raised funds that will cover all four boars’ castrations. So I will make arrangements to have them sorted soon in preparation for their new lives

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We recommend a website called Guinea Piggles which is an amazing site, with tons of information about Guinea Pig care. It’s really well written, easy to understand and unbiased. There are beautiful printable sheets on diet, care and forage. If you use this link Ashtead Guinea Pig Rescue gets 25% of the purchase price at no extra cost to you! ://

New from 2024 – we will be closed every Wednesday but will be open on most Bank Holidays

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