Pet Adoption


Sheikh Nibbles 2 Mar 2017At Ashtead Pet Boarding we are passionate about the health and well-being of all animals and undertake to help those who, for whatever reason, need to be found a new home. We are happy to assist families with rehoming all sorts of small pets but only accept guinea pigs on site. We ask a minimum donation of £20 for guinea pigs that are surrendered to us. Our “retirement home” is available for lonely, elderly guinea pigs. We work closely with registered charities in our immediate area like Bobtail’s Rescue in Ewell and have strict adoption procedures. Our standard adoption fee is £20 per animal – this goes towards the care & medical costs we incur during our rehoming work.  Rehoming work is not easy as anybody who has volunteered at a Rescue/Shelter will tell you – we do it for love not money. Most of the costs are met from my own pocket. Any animal who is sold or rehomed by us will always have a forever home here if things don’t work out at their new place.

October 2019

Successful Adoptions Through APB

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