Sanctuary Residents

Greetings from our permanent retirees! These guinea pigs for reasons to do with age or medical health have come to us via the Rescue and have become life-long residents! We are committed to their ongoing health and well being which involves vet visits, meds and special diets on top of their general food and bedding expenses. If you would like to help with the care of these lovely furbabies please visit our amazon wish list or our GoFundMe fund . Every little really helps! Thank you 🙂

Baloo – our handsome bear of a piggy is a real cutie. He was a very lonely old man when his brother died last year so he came to us to live out his golden years in the company of other piggies. He is in basic good health although his eyesight is failing.

Molly – is a happy old lady living with her equally ancient buddies Ballo and Breeze. She’s a bit stiff these days but it doesn’t stop her wheeking for her food at tea time!

Breeze – another lonely old lady who has had a few health scares over the last year but manages very well with Baloo and Molly as companions.

Ivy – This not-so-young lady was always in competition with her slightly larger sister and is much more relaxed now she is with the other oldies. She has a few health issues and will stay here with us in happy retirement.