Rescue Residents

Greetings from our permanent retirees! These guinea pigs for reasons to do with age or medical health have come to us via the Rescue and have become life-long residents! We are committed to their ongoing health and well being which involves vet visits, meds and special diets on top of their general food and bedding expenses. If you would like to help with the care of these lovely furbabies please visit our amazon wish list or our GoFundMe fund . Every little really helps! Thank you 🙂

Berty – this handsome young chap came to us when he started fighting with his brother. Both were neutered and found partners but poor Berty reacted very badly to the suture material and got infection after infection. He was very poorly but is now a lovely healthy 1.2g in weight although will have some health issues for the rest of his life. He is happily partnered with Ivy.

Baloo – our handsome bear of a piggy is a real cutie. He was a very lonely old man when his brother died last year so he came to us to live out his golden years in the company of other piggies. He is in basic good health although his eyesight is failing.

Ben – gentle Ben is an elderly guinea who came to us via another rescue when he was seen being given away for free on a social media site 🙁 He is now neutered and lives very happily with Candy. Ben has an on-going kidney problem which means frequent visits to the Vet and it’s a struggle for him to keep weight on.

Candy – this lovely old lady has been at APB since she was quite tiny. She was a marvelous mum to a couple of litters before retiring. She has a few “ladies problems” but these don’t tend to bother her too much most of the time.

Patchy – the oldest of our residents! Patchy arrived when his partner died and he didn’t do well on his own. He is almost totally blind, pretty deaf these days and has a permanent “active” cyst on his rump. But for all that, he is a friendly and chatty little man! He requires regular visits to the Vet and daily treatment to keep his cyst clean and healthy. He is happily living with Holly.

Holly – one of our younger retirees. Holly arrived with her almost identical sister Ivy and it took ages to work out which one was which! Holly has bladder problems which mean regular fur trimming and washing around her rear. Every now and again she needs antibiotics to knock an infection on the head. She is a large guinea pig with a very healthy appetite!

Ivy – This young lady was always in competition with her slightly larger sister and is much more relaxed now she is with Berty (who she bosses around all the time!) . She is healthy and active but will stay here with Berty as they are a bonded pair.

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